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Introducing the Client Site to New Clients

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The eMoney Client Site is a valuable tool to enhance your client relationships. It enables clients to organize and monitor their data, collaborate on their plans and see their full financial picture.

Let’s look at a few steps you can take before introducing the Client Site that will help create the best experience for your clients.

Set Yourself Up As a Client

Before sending your clients an invitation to their website, get to know what you’re offering by setting yourself up as a client. This experience will help you become familiar with the client’s view and make you more comfortable answering common client questions.

By inviting yourself to the Client Site, you can:

  • View the invitation email and self-registration process.
  • Walkthrough the onboarding module.
  • Learn how to quickly input data through the Organizer, client connections, and the Vault.
  • Tour the different features and resources.

Customize the Client Site

Once you’ve explored all the available features on your client website, now it’s time to customize what you’d like available to your clients. Through the Manage Client Website page on your advisor site, you can select what you’d like to turn on and off. You can save custom settings for individual clients, all clients or change the default settings.

We recommend starting with less and then adding more tools, reports, and features in the future. Take a look at the following categories:

  • Features – Primary features that will be available on your client’s homepage.
  • Editing Options – Decide if you want clients to have a read-only view or ability to edit data and manage connections.
  • Onboarding Options – Set up client onboarding for initial data gathering.
  • Reports – Share reports that you know you’ll be using the most and want clients to see.

Pro tip: Check out the Live Training and Webinar page in your Help menu to access a webinar recording of Introducing the Client Site for more detailed customization tips.

Add Client Data

Next, to create a better experience for a client, add any information you may have. If a client logs in for the first time and sees a blank slate, they may be discouraged from taking action. We recommend prepopulating assets that you manage and then having clients complete their financial picture.

On your advisor site, you can use:

  • Integrations to import clients. Check out the Applications drop-down for access to a list of eMoney’s current integration partners.
  • Advisor Connections to link assets under your management.
  • Base Facts to enter family information and any financial goals and priorities the client may have communicated.

Share Resources with Your Client

Once you’re ready to send the client invitation, we recommend reaching out first and offering a few resources to help the client get started. From your Help section, download and share Client Facing user guides to assist clients during onboarding and help you present the value, privacy, and security of the Client Site.

Check out some below:

To promote continued engagement, encourage clients to take advantage of additional resources. Just as the Client Site provides an interactive planning experience, it also offers an interactive Help section to help them set up, manage, and engage with their profile.

Invite Your Clients

Finally, start small. Pick a handful of the clients to use as a focus group for the website. Ask these clients to provide feedback on what they liked and what they didn’t like so that you can tweak your experience for future client rollouts.

Are you looking for more Client Site materials? Check out our resources and webinars Help section of your advisor site. Also, read best practices on Client Site Support and Introducing Clients to the Mobile Client Site.

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