Giving Back Gives You a Leg Up

Giving Back Gives You a Leg Up

What are you doing to get involved with your community?

Recent findings make it clear that businesses should shape their social image in part by getting more involved with their communities. We know because of this powerful statistic—more than 80 percent of US consumers consider corporate social responsibility (CSR) when choosing a product or service.

It’s nearly unanimous that clients and prospects expect to see you striving to make the world a better place. If you have any doubts about the benefits of participating in philanthropic, charity or volunteer endeavors, we’ve identified a few points that might change your mind.

It’s the right thing to do Everyone knows that doing something good for your community will make you feel good. Plain and simple. If you have a hard time picking an initiative, research local issues and analyze how they align with your strengths. Get your employees on board, too. They’re your business’ backbone and encouraging them to engage in community involvement will ultimately have them feeling more fulfilled (and possibly more productive).

It’s important to your audience Happy clients lead to healthier business. Each time you and your employees volunteer, communicate your efforts through emails, social media, websites and letters. Advisors who get more involved with their community and demonstrate passion for a certain cause will find like-minded people who are passionate about the same cause. Think of this as an additional benefit to working toward the greater good—it’s more likely for a person to hire an advisor who shares their interests.

It boosts your visibility As you know, advisors grow their business by building relationships. So, apply that mentality to community involvement. Whether you’re helping local schools raise money to financially support extracurricular activities or volunteering at a race to benefit a local family, your presence puts you in the public’s eye and broadens your network. When people are aware of your efforts, you’ll surely be remembered.

P.S. I would like to emphasize that I’m not saying to do the right thing to make more money. I’m saying good things happen to good people… Catch my drift?

Jacob Leise

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Jacob is a Product Marketing Manager at eMoney Advisor.