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3-Month Free Access to Advisor Branded Marketing: FAQ

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Financial advisors are counseling clients through unprecedented market uncertainty while adapting to remote work and adjusting business plans at the same time. We recognize that ongoing communication and guidance for advisors and clients has never been more important.

We remain deeply committed to providing you and the industry with the tools needed to deliver exceptional client experiences and overcome these unparalleled challenges. We value you and what you do immensely, and we recognize the great pressure you are feeling right now. Because we believe what you do is so critical, we’re here to help you get through this.

To help ease these and other challenges, eMoney is offering Advisor Branded Marketing to non-ABM subscribers for three months starting April 8, 2020 at no charge. This limited time, free version will be available until July 15, 2020.

After July 15, 2020, users included in this free-service will not be automatically charged. If users would like to gain access to ABM after July 15, they will need to subscribe to ABM through the regular ABM sales process.

In this blog post, we aim to answer a few key questions around this promotion such as:

  • What is ABM, and how do I access it?
  • What COVID-19 related content is available in ABM?
  • Why is eMoney giving me ABM free of charge?
  • Can I still find value in ABM even though I’m not a marketing expert?
  • How can I get started?
  • What if I decide to continue use of ABM after 3 months?
  • And more…

What is ABM?

Advisor Branded Marketing is part of our suite of business development tools that helps advisors grow their businesses by attracting, converting, and retaining clients with digital marketing tools and relevant content. With email distribution and social posting functionality, plus COVID-19 content added regularly, ABM will help you stay connected with clients during times of crisis.

ABM is offered as an add-on product to any of our planning packages for $1,500 annually.

How do I access ABM?

Advisor Branded Marketing is now accessible to you within the eMoney application. Access it by clicking More on the main menu of your Dashboard, and selecting Advisor Branded Marketing from the drop-down.

What features does ABM include?

  • Timely market commentary PDFs provided by FMeX — the world’s largest content library built for the financial services industry.

  • A regularly updated library of professionally created articles, videos, infographics and newsletters designed for every type of financial conversation.

  • Automated email campaigns that can be scheduled with one click, eliminating the task of having to follow up with clients.

  • An organized dashboard that serves as a marketing command center, allowing users to quickly see featured content, easily navigate to favorited content, or launch and manage automated email campaigns.

What COVID-19 related content is available in ABM?

Content related to current events and the markets (now focused on COVID-19) are added to ABM on a weekly basis within the Featured section of the Content Library. As new items are released, items are moved to the Industry Insights section—offering a chronological view of items released.

Some content already available with the eMoney Materials section can support advisors during this time. We compiled those relevant eMoney materials into the Featured section for easy reference.

We’ve also added email templates to support advisor-client communications during this time. These can be found within Emails>Featured.

Why is eMoney giving me ABM free of charge?

In addition to using ABM as a business development tool, it is also positioned to support existing client engagement and retention, uniquely positioning advisors to counsel clients through unprecedented market uncertainty.

We want to help you communicate to your investors right now, when it matters most. This is why you now have timely resources such as weekly market commentaries and relevant articles, with available email and social media templates to help you get your outreach started.

Can I still find value in ABM even though I’m not a marketing expert?

Absolutely! ABM makes it easy for you to access and send timely content. Expect additional client communication strategy support from our team during the three-month period to aid your existing outreach efforts.

In addition to the content itself, you’ll see suggested social media posts and email templates to share with your clients to get you started with your outreach. These templates are designed to take some of the heavy lifting off your team during a time like this. Use them as starting points, and customize your client emails and social posts as you see fit.

How can I get started?

The first time you access ABM, you’ll be taken through an in-app click-by-click tour of the tool showing you how to configure your branding and find the content you need, when you need it.

We also recommend you check out this recent webinar recording hosted by eMoney marketing and communications experts, Val Rivera and Brynn Dougherty, where they share best practices for using Advisor Branded Marketing to communicate with your clients and forge stronger relationships.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be sending you timely communications to help support you. Topics you can expect to hear about include:

  • Client communications tips to support your investors impacted by COVID-19
  • Best practices for building a thoughtful and timely client communications strategy
  • New content and timely announcements
  • The long-term value of ABM for business development

What if I decide to continue use of ABM after 3 months?

You’ll be able to use ABM at no charge through July 15, 2020. After that, you will not be automatically charged. Towards the end of your 3-month free trial period, we’ll be touching base to see if you’ve found value using Advisor Branded Marketing, and if you want to continue using it to connect with prospects and clients.

Will I have full access to ABM during this time?

You will have full access to all eMoney and FMeX content available, Automated Campaigns, and most ABM features. Social media within ABM Automated Campaigns is the only functionality that will be excluded from your 3-month free promotion, but will be unlocked if you choose to opt-in to a full subscription of Advisor Branded Marketing following July 15, 2020.

What are Automated Campaigns?

The Automated Campaigns feature within ABM allows you to schedule and launch targeted content campaigns to generate and nurture leads through digital channels in just a few clicks. This area of the tool includes a library of targeted campaigns to reach niche markets, grouped so that you have everything you need without having to worry about sourcing or creating content. Fully automated workflows eliminate the manual task of following up with new contacts to nurture and convert them.

Note that you do not need to use Automated Campaigns to distribute content to your existing clients. Over the next weeks of this promotion, you’ll receive emails from eMoney with best practices for using ABM to fuel timely engagement with your clients during this time of uncertainty.

Is the content available in ABM FINRA-approved?

While we keep FINRA rules and guidelines in mind when developing content, the content has not been FINRA reviewed or approved. Please refer to ABM Content FAQ, available in the Help menu from your dashboard.

How do I receive compliance approval for content?

You should follow your normal content review processes with your compliance officers or managers.

We look forward to supporting you, and our Client Support team is always just an email or call away at (888) 362-8482.

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