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Advisor Marketing: Videos Make Sense

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Bob Barry CFP®, principal at Barry Capital, doesn’t consider himself a marketing whiz.  But by perusing the pages of his website, you’d be hard-pressed to think otherwise. has the look and feel of a site created by a big, trendy marketing agency with a team of developers dedicated to capturing Barry’s voice and service.  In reality though, Barry took on the initiative with a DIY approach.  With the use of a few online tools and by scanning blogs for expert advice, Barry was able to code and write all the content himself.  The finished product is truly one to behold.

One aspect you don’t often see coming from advisors and their websites is the great use of video.  Barry understands that video plays a big part in introducing clients to content.  Whether it’s a website or client meeting, a carefully placed video will command attention from your audience and keep them engaged with your message.

Deciding where videos should go is something advisors tend to struggle with.  For Barry, he has a simple philosophy: do what makes sense.

One example to admire is his blog post “The Power of Awareness,” which makes good use of an eMoney Advisor celebrity-narrated marketing video.   Take a look for yourself and notice how the video supports the overall content.  While you’re visiting Barry Capital’s website, take a few minutes to look at some of the other pages as well. is a great example of what advisor websites will look like in the coming years.  If you’d like to learn how eMoney Advisor can brand one of our marketing videos with your logo and contact information, visit our Advisor Marketing page.

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