Introducing eMoney to Your Clients

eMoney is a platform for a collaborative client experience. With tools that help create a more fulfilling, engaging client relationship, eMoney will forever change the way you connect with your clients and how they interact with their money.  When introducing eMoney to your clients, remember to emphasize that combining a second-to none digital wealth management experience with your expert guidance and strong relationship, better positions them for success.  Here are just a few of the benefits to highlight.

Client Site

With your clients’ own Personal Financial Management Website, they’ll have 24/7 access to all of their financial information through one secure, interactive portal. You’ll be their primary source for all financial education, keeping them connected to their financial information, from anywhere.

Interactive Planning Tools

Encourage your clients to craft their own financial plans! Your new technology will engage your clients in an interactive planning process, allowing them to take the wheel in your client planning sessions and empowering your clients to take charge of their financial lives.

Alliance Partners

Financial success takes teamwork. With our Alliance Partners function, you can collaborate with your clients’ lawyers, attorneys and CPAs, all in one platform. The more you know about your clients’ financial picture, the better you can position them for financial success.


Your clients can rest easy knowing their data is safe. With 256-bit encryption protecting your data –twice the standard of most financial services companies—eMoney is also password protected, providing more security than most major banks.

We know you’re not just money managers—you support and strengthen relationships built on transparency, reliability and most importantly, trust. eMoney makes it easier to create and manage relationships to deliver an unmatched client experience.