Join eMoney at our Interactive Client Experience Lab

Client experience lab

In our industry, there has been an explosion of choice. Clients can trade online for free, leave their investments to grow in a digital advice platform, or work with a traditional advisor—and they can choose to do any of it with an ever-growing number of providers.

With so much choice, differentiation has become more than just a need—it’s an imperative. So how do you differentiate? You start with the Client Experience. Because this industry is no longer about the products you sell, or services you offer—it’s about the experience you provide.

What does it look like to be your client? What does it feel like to be your client? What can an investor expect from you, your team and most importantly, how do your interactions demonstrate the value you provide?

In our event series, Why the Experience Matters, we examine these questions and more. Giving you tips and techniques on what you can do to not only improve your client experience, but also create one that defies expectations and propels you past the competition.

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