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Client Tasks and Next Steps Released

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Both you and your clients have a lot to manage. That’s why we’ve added a new Client Tasking feature in eMoney’s reimagined Client Portal so you can help clients stay focused on meeting their goals—while streamlining your own workflow.

A fully integrated advisor-client experience makes it easier than ever to ensure your clients stay on top of their financial to-do lists. Assign tasks to appear in your clients’ portals, like completing a form or adding a document to their Vault, then watch how they interact with that task, all from your Advisor Home Page.

Here’s how it works:
Assign your client an action item to complete.  Create a task specific to your client,  like, “Complete the Accounts section of your Organizer” or add a custom Next Step such as, “Talk to Mike about maxing 401k contributions to take advantage of employer match in 2016”.

The task will appear in your client’s portal, under a new Client Tasks icon on the navigation bar.  The complete list of all tasks assigned to your clients will also appear under “View All” when the Tasks icon is selected on the Advisor Navigation Bar.

Your client will be able to view and complete their tasks. Either way—you’ll be notified, keeping you in-the-know and helping you plan your follow-up approach.


How to enter a client task.



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