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eMoney Doubles Up on Wins at the 2016 Wealth Management Industry Awards

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It was the quite the night for eMoney on Thursday, Sept. 29, as we attended the 2016 Wealth Management Industry Awards ceremony at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental in New York City. Going in, we had high hopes that we’d come away with an award. But what happened during the ceremony, which was brilliantly organized by those at Wealth Management, left our representatives in attendance and those watching on social media in awe.

We were honored and thrilled to be selected as the winner in the Client Portals category, as you can see by our (and our partners) reaction on Twitter:

The reaction online was representative of all the hard work eMoney employees have put into the advances we’ve made with our client portal and reflects the mission that we’ve strived for day-in and day-out since the beginning: putting our clients first. Seeing this work recognized at such a prestigious event, with many of our peers in the audience, was just the cherry on top. As those representing eMoney in attendance settled in for the rest of awards ceremony, they had no idea what was coming next would be unprecedented in eMoney awards history:

For the first time at an industry awards ceremony, eMoney was recognized for not just one but two high-profile awards. As the news was announced online, the reaction was once again that of pure elation:

As many of us in the office today reflect on last night’s big win, we can’t help but be extremely grateful for the opportunities the financial technology industry has presented our company. We also now know that we’ve set a high bar for ourselves to reach over the next year, as we continue to set the standard for innovation. We’re proud to have such an awesome team and we look forward to attending next year’s event.

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