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eMoney Tip of the Week: Year-End Savings

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Ever wonder what the eMoney system does with your clients’ leftover savings at the end of each year? Well actually, you decide!

Year-End Savings are essential to eMoney’s cash flow calculations, and in the event that a client has a positive core cash at the end of the year, you have the option to set their account to Save 100%, Spend 100%, or establish a custom Percent to Save.

To do so, head over to Advanced Facts under Savings and Transfers and click on Year-End Savings to select your desired option.


If you select Save 100%, you can direct leftover savings into a specific asset.


Here, you can also create a customized Percent to Save during a specified time period.


If you select Spend 100%, you will see the outcome in the Cash Flow Report →Total Expenses →Living Expenses.



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