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June Release – Connections Update: New Account Available Notification

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It’s important to have a full financial picture for your client when constructing their financial plan. That’s why we’ve added a New Account Notification, to alert you when new unlinked accounts are present under an existing connection.

This notification will help keep you aware of any new accounts and ensure you’re taking a full account of your clients’ assets.

How does it work?

The New Account Notification lets advisors and their support staff know when a new account is available to link directly on the Client Overview.

The New Account Notification Bar will keep you aware of all new client accounts.

From there, you can select Link Accounts and go directly to new unlinked accounts inside the connection. Each new account will have a NEW notification to the left of the account name. This NEW notification is available and will show both on the client level and the full connection view.

NEW indicator is displayed at the full connection and client levels.

The New Account Notification is designed to improve the efficiency and workflow of managing client data in eMoney. This alert will be enabled automatically and does not require any change to your Settings.  

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