2016 eMoney Advisor Summit Recap: Day 3

Below is a recap of Day Three of the eMoney Advisor Summit. Checkout Day One here or Day Two here

The third and final day of #eMoneySummit16 got off to a quick start as  summit-goers were treated to all the training and best practices they could ask for. Throughout the morning, they had the opportunity to attend any of the many eMoney breakouts to learn best practices from our live trainers and planners, chat with our developers and project managers, or get plenty of tips from other eMoney users.

After the breakouts, the long awaited moment finally came. It was time to judge the Hackathon. After the four groups, now named “The Hackletes,” “#doyouevenhackbro?” “GoalFingers,” and “A Little Story About Hack and Diane,” presented their new tools, it was up to our all star judges to cast their votes.

With the final votes cast, the winner was announced on the mainstage. Bill Winterberg’s predictions came true as Group 1 (aka Team GoalFinger) took top prize with their tool that married financial planning with Tinder and even integrated the data and experience of eMoney into Siri. You can see even more coverage of the eMoney Hackathon over at Bill Winterburg’s FPPad.com.  

And then it was time to close out the Summit with our much-anticipated Keystone presentation. 

Simon Sinek is a self-described idealist who envisions a world where everyone wakes up inspired and eager to go to work. And he kept the audience enthralled as he went through his theories and thoughts on what it means to be a leader and how it is people can inspire trust and cooperation throughout an organization. Despite his idealism however, his theories were well-grounded in reality and resonated deeply with the entire audience, earning him a standing ovation.

And so, the whirlwind adventure that is the eMoney Advisor Summit has finally concluded, leaving a trail of inspired and informed advisors in its wake. Many thanks to all the sponsors, employees, and advisors who helped make this the best Summit to date.

Until next year!

Jacob Leise

Written By

Jacob is a Product Marketing Manager at eMoney Advisor.