2016 Product Update Webinar Recap

At eMoney Advisor, we believe technology should support financial advisors, not replace them—so we’re always tinkering, improving and upgrading everything we do. That’s why we’ve released over 80 updates to the eMoney software so far this year!

In case you missed our original announcements, or need a quick refresher, download our Product Update webinar below, covering our biggest releases from January – July of 2016.

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For more details on the latest feature enhancements, check out our full list below:

User Experience Features

The Knowledge Base & How To’s 

We’re proud to introduce The Knowledge Base and How-To’s combining the resources of emX University with interactive training and on-screen guidance to help you complete even the most complex tasks in eMoney quickly and efficiently.

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Planning Features

Social Security updated to align with Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015

We updated our Social Security Cash Flow model on Tuesday April 19th, to align with the changes in the law that went into effect on April 30th, 2016.

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Update to Monte Carlo’s Definition of Success

We’ve upgraded the way our Monte Carlo simulation determines success ensuring even more accurate projections.

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Support for Health Savings Accounts

On February 23rd, we added the ability to integrate the HSA account type into your clients’ existing plans and reports.

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Integration Features

New SEI Integration (available to select SEI users)

Our new integration with SEI has been designed to add efficiencies to your workflow and create a seamless way to navigate between platforms.

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Riskalyze Integration Updated 

Export accounts from eMoney to Riskalyze quickly and easily.

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Security Features

Client Site Self-Registration 

Streamline your onboarding process by allowing your clients to register for their own client websites. Also, the Client Website invitation email has been updated to include the name of the Advisor, Planner, or Assistant who initiates the email.  When sent by a Planner or Assistant, the client will be invited on “behalf of” the Advisor who owns the client in the system.

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Client Site Features

Client Website New Look and Feel Phase 1

Early this year, we started to release phases of our reimagined client portal, designed to help you make stronger, more powerful relationships with clients.

View full look and feel blog post. Or, for more on what we’ve already released, and what’s coming soon to the client experience, click here.

The New Client Organizer

The client website Organizer was updated on May 6th, to provide a more intuitive and personal client experience.

View Full Blog Post, or Client Email Template,  Suggested Social Media Posts,  Client-Facing PDF, or our Post Release FAQ.

Client Site Document Suggestions

Go beyond the Vault Checklist by creating Vault document suggestions inside the client site Organizer.

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Client Tasking

Making sure your clients stay on top of their financial to-do list will never be easier.

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Advisor Branded Media

New Video: Personal Portfolio

Use the latest Client Education video, Personal Portfolio, to help your clients understand how the best security to invest in, is their loved ones’ financial education.

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New  Video: Business Planning

With our new Advisor Branded Media video: Business Planning, you can show your clients how they can ensure their businesses continue to thrive even after they step away

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New Video: Healthcare Planning  

With the complexity of insurance network coverage and changing health care laws, unexpected medical bills are a growing fear for many of your clients.

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New Video: Speed of Access

What’s more valuable than time? Today’s clients expect their financial information at their fingertips, and they want it immediately.

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Brynn Dougherty is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing and Client Communications at eMoney Advisor. In addition to contributing to the blog, she creates and distributes email communications to current eMoney users. Brynn loves veggie wraps, French accents and 3-day weekends.