2018 Product Update Highlights

At eMoney Advisor, we believe technology should support financial advisors, not replace them—so we’re always tinkering, improving and upgrading everything we do.

In case you missed our original announcements, or need a quick refresher, see below for a list of our most impactful upgrades that released so far in 2018.

Coming Soon 

eMoney Voice Assistant 
Our new eMoney Voice Assistant, improves your efficiency by letting you quickly navigate to client pages and reports with the sound of your voice. Learn more

iRetire by BlackRock Integration

Featuring single sign-on access between systems, the integration will streamline your workflow and seamlessly connect to iRetire’s engaging retirement planning module. Learn more

Salesforce Integration

Soon, users of Salesforce and eMoney can create a seamless workflow between both systems with a new bi-directional integration. Learn more

September 2018

New Request a Feature Page 

For the first time, you can submit and track your product suggestions directly through the eMoney application. Submit your suggestion!

New Basic Analytics Charts Released 

We updated our Basic Analytics platform with the first set of charts that enhance the insights previously accessible only through our Advisor Opportunity reports. Learn more

Advisor Opportunity Reports Discontinuation 

Following the release of the new Basic Analytics charts, the corresponding Advisor Opportunity Reports will be discontinued on September 25. Learn more

August 2018

Taxable and Cash Account Contributions Tab

Now it’s easier than ever to quickly enter contributions for Taxable and Cash Accounts. With the new Contribution tab, we’ve eliminated the need to model contributions for these accounts via Transfer Flow. Learn more

New University Program Certification Launched

We recently revamped our University Program to develop the next generation of financial advisors by providing college students who are pursuing a financial planning degree with eMoney training.  Learn more

July 2018

Lead Feed is Lead Generation Made Easy

We launched a new lead generation program, aimed at connecting you with investors seeking a financial advisor. Learn more

Connections Resource Center

We’re transitioning to API-based aggregation to provide a more seamless connections experience for your clients. Learn more

June 2018

New Income Tax Base Report

Provide even greater transparency with our new drill-down report designed to breakdown your clients’ income tax base. Learn more

Manage Subscription Setting

Now you can manage your eMoney subscription and billing details from within the application. Learn more

Easily Link Manually Entered Accounts

We’ve simplified the process of linking manually entered financial accounts on the Client Portal. Learn more

Social Security at Retirement Option

The new Social Security at Retirement option streamlines the process of synchronizing Social Security income with your clients retirement date. Learn more

Client Portal: HSA Contribution Message 

We added the following client-facing note to HSA contributions on the Client Portal, “Contribution amounts for HSA accounts exceeding the individual 2018 cross-account limit of $3,450 ($4,450 if age 55 and over) or family 2018 cross-account limit of $6,900 ($7,900 if age 55 and over) will be capped by the system.”

May 2018

Mobile Client Experience Update

We refreshed the mobile version of the Client Portal to offer all the features your clients love in the desktop version available on-the-go. Learn more.

Lead Feed: Lead Generation Made Easy

As part of our commitment to support your growth, we launched a new lead generation program, aimed at connecting you with investors seeking a financial advisor. Learn more

New Lead Client Type

To make it even easier to leverage eMoney’s business development tools, we’ve streamlined the process of adding leads to eMoney by adding a new Lead client type. Learn more

Market Index Update
We’re updating our market indices with the latest historical data from the first quarter of 2018. Learn more

April 2018

Schwab Integration

eMoney’s latest brokerage integration will make it even easier to spend time on what matters most. Click here to learn more.

Traditional IRA Contributions

We’re making it even easier to model contributions in eMoney by adding Contributions to Traditional IRAs. Click here to learn more

Risk Tolerance Playback Report

Based on your feedback we’ve added a new Risk Tolerance Playback report to our Investment report family. Click here to learn more.

March 2018

New Tax-Related Features

The second phase of your tax updates includes new features designed to improve your experience working with taxes in eMoney. Click here to learn more.

Newsletters and Custom Emails in Advisor Branded Marketing

These updates make it even easier to stay in contact with your clients and prospects. Click here to learn more.

Touchpoint and AdvisoryWorld Discontinued

These discontinuations allow us to focus more exclusively on initiatives like the API transition, a simplified planning experience, and extending your reach to the next generation of clients. Click here to learn more.

Market Index Update

Your market index data has been updated with the latest historical data from the fourth quarter of 2017. Click here to learn more.

Fidelity WealthscapeSM: eDelivery for IWS Clients

Traditional clients can now access their Fidelity Brokerage Alerts from their eMoney Client Portals. Click here to learn more.

February 2018

NEW Continuing Education Program

At eMoney, we want to help CFP® professionals provide a holistic approach to financial planning – making it easier to deepen relationships with your clients to ultimately help them achieve their goals. Click here to learn more.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Updates – Phase 1 

We updated our tax planning capabilities to account for the new Tax Cuts and Job Act. Click here to learn more.

Fidelity WealthscapeSM Brokerage Alerts 

Now, traditional clients are able to access their Fidelity Brokerage Alerts from their eMoney Client Site. Click here to learn more.

New and Updated Sample Clients. 

We’ve updated your existing Sample Clients and even added a new client to help you better present to Millennials. Click here to learn more.

New ABM Campaign: Women and Investing

Attracting and serving women clients is increasingly important to an advisor’s success. The number of women investors and the value of the assets they control are increasing. Help show women investors how an advisor who understands them, can help set them up for a secure path forward. Click here to learn more.

Vault Drag and Drop Subfolder Update

Add another efficiency to your workflow with the ability to drag and drop files into subfolders within the Vault. Click here to learn more.

January 2018

Client Portal How-To’s 

Now, you can spend less time answering questions, and more time advising. The new How-To’s feature will answer your clients’ most common questions about their Client Portals. Click here to learn more.

Tamarac Integration

The new Tamarac integration builds even more efficiencies into your and your clients’ workflows. Click here to learn more.

New ABM Campaign:  Young at Heart

This marketing campaign is designed to help you speak directly to the challenges and needs of the Baby Boomer demographic. Click here to learn more.

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