Product Update Highlights 2017

At eMoney Advisor, we believe technology should support financial advisors, not replace them—so we’re always tinkering, improving and upgrading everything we do.

In case you missed our original announcements, or need a quick refresher, see below for a list of our most impactful upgrades that released so far in 2017.

January 2017

Wealthbox Integration

The Wealthbox CRM integration will help advisors keep track of internal staff activity, while staying aware of clients socially. Wealthbox CRM is designed to enable modern and effortless, collaborations with your clients. Best of all, clear design and intuitive workflows allow new users to become proficient quickly without extensive training. Click here to learn more.

Tax Type Breakdown Report

What’s your client’s current tax allocation? How could it change over time based on your advice? With Roth accounts becoming more common than ever, helping your clients attain a healthy tax diversification with their investments can be invaluable to their financial plan. Click here to learn more.

eMoney Knowledge Base Update – Advanced Planning Videos

New Advanced Planning videos have been added to the eMoney Knowledge base to help you and your support staff learn how to create nuanced financial plans. Click here to learn more.

Annual Federal Tax Updates 2017

Every year the eMoney planning team adjusts our Tax Assumptions to keep your financial plans accurate and efficient the federal tax assumptions have now been updated. Stay tuned for updates to the state and local tax assumption updates in the coming weeks.

February 2017

Advanced Analytics Net Worth Insights

Take your analytics capabilities to the next level with new insights into your clients’ net worth. Click here to learn more.

Envestnet Performance Reporting

Envestnet integration users now have Vault and reporting capabilities to create a truly seamless integration experience. Click here to learn more.

Updates to Classic Analytics

As a result of our recent Advanced Analytics product release, Classic Analytics users will notice a few changes to our basic Analytics platform. Click here to learn more.

March 2017

Advisor Optional 2-Factor Authentication 

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security over your account log-in process, strengthening the security of your account by requiring two methods of verifying your identity. With this release, you now have the option to use an advanced two-factor authentication technology on the Advisor Site as an additional security measure. Click here to learn more.

New Advanced Analytics Fiduciary Charts: Retirement Assets

We’ve added new Fiduciary Charts, including Retirement Assets Under Management, and Retirement Assets Held Away, to help you prepare for the DOL Fiduciary Rule. Click here to learn more.

CPI & Market Index Updates

The 12/31/2016 Market Index Data is now available in your eMoney application. As a new part of this update, the eMoney Planning Team has made additional changes, based on user feedback, to some of our Market Index Historical Data to better align with current market conditions. Click here to learn more.

Restyled Needs Analysis

We’re restyling the look and feel of our Needs Analysis tools. Learn more about what to expect and how to use Needs Analysis to do simple planning. Click here to learn more.

April 2017

Internet Explorer 9 and 10 Discontinuation

For security purposes, our support for Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 ends April 11. Click here to learn more.

Advisor Assurance

Our comprehensive compliance tool is designed to ensure your firm does not miss a single detail, thanks to automatically archived account changes. Click here to learn more.

Black Diamond Integration

Our new Black Diamond integration offers single sign-on functionality, client importing, linking, and the ability to send client QPR’s directly the client Vault. Click here to learn more.

New Advanced Analytics Fiduciary Chart: Fiduciary Coverage

We’re adding a new Fiduciary Chart, Fiduciary Coverage to help you keep track of the essential data points you need to ensure all the fiduciary facts are being considered. Click here to learn more.

New Fact Finder Field: Fiduciary Approach

A new field has been added to the Basic tab of select qualified accounts in the Fact Finder, allowing you to specify the fiduciary approach.

May 2017

Optional Client Site 2-Factor Authentication

We’ve added an additional layer of security to your clients’ websites with 2-Factor Authentication. Click here to learn more.

Basic Analytics on emX® Select

We’re adding our Basic Analytics capabilities on our emX® Select Platform. Click here to learn more.

NEW Advanced Analytics Insurance Charts

Get ahead of your business with greater visibility into life insurance policies and liabilities. Latest charts include Liabilities Under Management by Institution and Life Insurance Policy by AnniversaryClick here to learn more.

Monte Carlo Performance Enhancements

We’ve reduced Monte Carlo processing requests by over 30% with our new caching feature. Click here to learn more.

New Fact Finder Field: Fiduciary Approach

We’ve added a new account level field to capture the fiduciary approach being taken. Allowing you to clearly show how each fact is tied closely with planning.

Orion and Envestnet Vault Update

By request, we’ve added the ability to rename your Orion and Envestnet Vault folders.

June 2017

Enrollment Update to Advisor Site and Client Site 2FA

Advisors, support staff and clients are now required to enroll in 2-Factor Authentication – a security provision designed to protect your and your clients’ data. This will only require you and your clients to enter a PIN upon first login, and if a security threat is detected moving forward. Listen to our recorded webinar or learn more about Advisor Site 2FA or Client Site 2FA on the eMoney blog.

Connection Update: New Addepar Direct Feed Now Available

With our latest Direct Feed, built to connect eMoney customers to Addepar, advisors will save time, increase the efficiency of their office, and build a complete picture for their financial plans. Now it’s never been easier to onboard clients from Addepar into eMoney. Click here to learn more.

Market Index Update 3/31/2017

The market index data in your eMoney application has been updated with the 3/31/2017 information. Click here to learn more.

New Advanced Analytics Charts: Life Insurance and Liabilities

Get ahead of your business with greater visibility into life insurance policies and liabilities. Click here to learn more.

Monte Carlo Stress Test in Decision Center Presentation

The Stress Test you know and love has been added to the Decision Center presentation. Click here to learn more.

Riskalyze Integration Update: Risk Score(s) Now Available for Support Users

We are implementing a change that will allow Risk number(s) to be visible to Support users, including Assistants and Planners, that have clients shared to them by an Advisor. Note that clients must be shared in Riskalyze as well as eMoney in order for the Risk Number to be visible.

New Advisor Alert

Information is power. This month, a new Client Made Fact Changes Alert, will notify you if clients have made changes to their base facts. Click here to learn more.

WealthscapeSM Integration Update: Account Opening

A simplified account opening process or advisors who use the WealthscapeSM integration. Click here to learn more.

July 2017

Advisor Assurance Updates

We’ve added even more ways to view, filter and parse your compliance data in Advisor Assurance. Click here to learn more. 

Streamline Lead Management with Lead Capture

A new and simple way to reach, capture, and qualify leads is coming to your eMoney dashboard. Stay tuned for more information. Click here to learn more.

Digital Advice with Fidelity AMP

We’ve collaborated with Fidelity to co-develop the first fully integrated, planning-centric digital advice platform delivered through advisors. This summer, clients of Fidelity, can serve both traditionally-advised and self-directed investors in one platform.  Click here to learn more. 

New Client Alerts

Simplify client communication around new vault documents and assigned tasks with our new client alerts.  Click here to learn more.

Fidelity WealthscapeSM Integration

Now your Fidelity clients can manage all their Fidelity Traditional and Digital accounts all in one place. Click here to learn more.

Support for Microsoft Edge Browser

Now in addition to the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11, eMoney supports the Microsoft Edge browser.

August 2017

Client Site Goals & Homepage Redesign

Featuring a modernized, user-friendly, and streamlined interface, the homepage of the Client Portal has been redesigned to deliver an enhanced personal financial management experience for your clients.. Click here to learn more.

New Advanced Analytics Chart: Presentations

Check out the first planning-focused chart designed to help improve your visibility into presentations across clients. Click here to learn more.

Discontinuation of eMoney for Outlook

Support for the eMoney for Outlook desktop application has been discontinued. Click here to learn more.


September 2017

Advisor Branded Marketing 

For everything you need to know about pricing, new available content and functionality, and how the Advisor Branded Marketing can take your marketing to the next level, click here.

New Advanced Analytics Chart: Scenarios

This planning-focused chart is designed to help improve your visibility into advanced planning scenarios across your clients. Click here to learn more.

Vault Updates: Drag and Drop, Search, and Sharing

We’re unifying the Advisor and Client Vault experiences, while adding new functionality that will make the Vault more intuitive and easier to use. Click here to learn more.

Support Forums Discontinued

Due to low usage, we’ve decided to discontinue the eMoney Support Forums. Advisors will continue to have access to all the support capabilities within the eMoney Advisor and Client Sites, including The Knowledge Base, interactive How-To’s and eMoney’s award winning Client Engagement team available via chat, email, and phone.

October 2017

New Advanced Analytics Chart: Vault

With the latest Advanced Analytics chart, gain visibility into Vault usage across all clients at a glance. Click here to learn more.

New Advanced Analytics Chart: Login Frequency

The latest chart is designed for advisors and office managers to quickly gain insight into how their clients behave on the eMoney client portal. Click here to learn more.

Fidelity Integration Update: Assign Tasks

With the upcoming release, you can now assign and receive Tasks reminders to complete account actions on behalf of a client. Click here to learn more.

November 2017

Roth IRA Contributions Tab

The Contributions tab is being added to Roth IRA accounts across eMoney simplifying the process of scheduling contributions throughout your client’s lifetime. Click here to learn more.

Vault Folder Uploads and Alliance Partner Updates

With the ability to upload folders and all their contents directly to the eMoney Vault, managing you and your client’s documents has gotten even easier. Click here to learn more.

Manage Integration Clients Button

In order to make it easier for users to go from the Clients drop-down list to the Manage Clients integration page, we’ve added a new Manage Integration Clients button on the Client Page. Now Advisors and their support staff can move immediately from their Clients list to managing any of their integration clients.

Riskalyze Updates

We’ve released two new updates to the Riskalyze Integration this month.

The first adds the ability to send three new types of account values to Riskalyze that were not previously being included. The updated Riskalyze integration will take the following accounts into consideration:

  • Individual Cash Accounts
  • The Cash Balance within any Accounts
  • Any designated Cash Holdings with no ticker or CUSIP.

In addition to the ability to send cash account information to Riskalyze we’ve also brought the experience of managing clients imported from the Riskalyze integration in line with the standard integration client management process.


The Envestnet integration now provides visibility into all reports available to you within Envestnet. Previously only four reports were available for advisors. These reports can be accessed from the Client Overview – Reports – Envestnet Reports.


You now have the ability, when viewing an Orion report in eMoney, to send the report directly to your eMoney Vault. Simply click Send to Vault in the top right corner of the screen when viewing a report Orion report in eMoney.

December 2017

Box Integration Released 

With the new Box integration, you have easy access to Box online storage through the eMoney Vault, allowing you to share sensitive information online with auditors, investors, analysts, and other teams without compromising the security of your documents. Click here to learn more.

Promote / Demote Sample Clients 

Users now have the ability to switch existing clients in eMoney to sample clients. Allowing advisors to temporarily remove clients from advisors analytics, statistics and reports. Click here to learn more.

Advanced Analytics: Marketing Views and Top Marketing Pieces

How effective is your marketing? Advanced Analytics users with Advisor Branded Marketing can learn all this and more. Click here to learn more. 

Fidelity WealthscapeSM: Performance Measurement Analysis

With this update you can see NFS account performance directly on the Client Overview. Click here to learn more. 

Coming Soon…

New Tamarac Integration

Learn more about how our upcoming Tamarac integration will allow you to build even more efficiencies into your workflow. Click here to learn more.

How-To’s on the Client Site

With How-To’s on the Client Site, your clients will have an access to answers to their most common questions at their fingertips. Click here to learn more.

Schwab Integration 

Coming in early 2018, the new Schwab integration will make it even easier to spend time on what matters most.  Click here to learn more. 


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